title. project 17

date. 2018

subject. socio-technical transitions

Scott Valentine. scott.valentine@nus.edu.sg 



(1) Progressive Innovation in Environmental Networks

This project is supported by a National University of Singapore internal grant (US$150,000). It centers on field research into sustainable development policy in Denmark (Kalundborg Symbiosis, Copenhagen town planning, Samsoe’s Carbon Neutral Island), Germany (Frieborg City Planning), Canada (Salt Spring Island Public Market, Whistler town planning, Vancouver green plan), Singapore (Pungol – Singapore’s first “green” township), the Netherlands (Green towns, Deft cradle to cradle), UK (Bristol green city plan, UK eco-industrial parks), Sweden (Malmo Green business parks), Japan (Ecotowns), Switzerland (Zermatt town planning) and Slovenia (Ljubljana town planning). The project aims to better understand the social and structural processes that support continued innovation in environmental networks that are comprised of multiple stakeholders.


  • Valentine, S. V. (2016). Kalundborg Symbiosis: Fostering progressive innovation in environmental networks. Journal of Cleaner Production, 118, 65-77.

2.         Rest: Enabling the Great Energy Transition

This is a book project with Marilyn Brown (Georgia Tech) and Benjamin Sovacool (Sussex). The book begins with the premise that an energy transition is inevitable with the first chapter dedicated to a discussion of why we make such a contention. It then broadens to an investigation into the types of initiatives that policymakers should be adopting to expedite the transition and avoid incurring the unnecessary addition costs associated with climate change impacts. Columbia University Press: Summer 2018 release.



  • Sovacool, B. K., Brown, M. A., & Valentine, S. V. (2016). Fact and fiction in global energy policy: fifteen contentious questions. JHU Press.

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